Operation Papyrus, regularization for undocumented migrants

Operation Papyrus, a pilot project aimed at legalizing well-integrated undocumented migrants in Geneva, ended on 31 December 2018. More than 1800 persons have already recieved a permit thanks to operation Papyrus, and the final number is expected to reach 3500 persons. We are now waiting for the official evaluation of the project to determine how the authorities will want to procede with this program. In the meantime, the authorities have introduced a transition phase, in which it is still possible to process regularization claims for persons who meet certain criteria. The criteria are very similar to those of operation Papyrus, but stricter on certain aspects. If you are undocumented and have any questions about the legalization of your residency status, please contact our information and assistance service, who will (if needed) get you an appointment with consultation on residency permits.