Health insurance – warning!

Information for migrants coming to CCSI

Insurance salespersons (also called insurance brokers or « courtier en assurances » in French) sometimes call you or come to your home to try and make you sign health insurance contracts (basic or additional insurance), or to encourage you to change health insurance companies. These persons are often very insistant and pushy, and make you sign documents when you don’t really want to. They may say that if you sign an insurance contract, it will be easier to get a residency permit. They sometimes also say that the monthly premiums can be covered by another charity or service. Unfortunately, none of this is true.

If someone comes to your door – or calls you on the telephone – and suggests you sign a health insurance contract, do not sign it. It is less risky to take the person’s contact information, take time to look into the details and then call the person back. Nobody can force you to sign a document or a contract.

If this happens, please tell us next time you come to CCSI!