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Coronavirus: emergency assistance, food aid, access to healthcare, information on this page.

CCSI is a non-profit organization that defends migrants’ rights in Geneva. It offers migrants a walk-in information service, and individual help and support in several areas:

Are you a migrant, recently arrived in Geneva or having lived here for years, with or without a residency permit? Do you have questions about your rights, or where to go to get help? Are you looking for asssistance with administrative or legal procedures? Would you like an appointment with one of CCSI’s consultations?

Our information and assistance service can answer your questions. Depending on your needs, we will direct you to one of our three consultations providing individual assistance, or to another organization or service in Geneva.

As of 11 May 2020, CCSI is adapting its services to sanitary regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Information and assistance service:

You can reach CCSI by telephone every day of the week at the times listed below. Please note that our reception remains closed to the public. To protect your health and ours, we ask you please NOT TO COME to our offices unless you have an appointment. For any information or to request an appointment, please contact CCSI by telephone only at 022 304 48 60:

  • Monday: 2 to 5 pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: 9 am to noon and 2 to 5 pm
  • Thursday and Friday: 9 am to noon


If you had an appointment that was cancelled because of the coronavirus, CCSI will contact you to make a new appointment. Other persons who wish to make an appointment with CCSI can call your information service (see above), but the priority will go to those whose appointments had been cancelled. Please note that appointments will be given by telephone only, no appointment will be given to persons who come to our offices. Only those who have made an appointment by telephone will be let into our offices.

Bringing documents:

Persons who whish to drop off documents at CCSI can do so in our mailbox, in the main hall of the building on the ground floor. This mailbox is emptied at least once a day and your documents are safe there. Please do not leave original documents in the mailbox, copies only. Please leave your documents in an envelope with your name and phone number, and the name of the person at CCSI for whom the documents are intended. You do not need to call us to let us know that you have dropped something off, CCSI will contact you if necessary.

Retrieving and signing documents:

If you need to come to retrieve or sign a document at CCSI, please make an appointment by calling our telephone service (see above). No document will be given to persons who come to our offices without having made an appointment.

Ms Sandra Garlejo is responsible for our walk-in information service, in collaboration with Ms Catherine Rossi and Ms Eugénie Jabakji.

Do you live in Geneva with children (aged 0 to 12 years old) who do not have a residency permit? Do you have questions about various administrative procedures, childcare options, your children’s school, or their access to healthcare?
Our Childhood, education and health consultation is for families living in Geneva who have children who do not (yet) have a residency permit and who were either born in Geneva or who have come to Switzerland before the age of 12.
The consultation can assist you, for example, with the following issues:

  • access to healthcare, health insurance and subsidy;
  • finding a chilldcare solution for your pre-school aged child;
  • your children’s school, the right to education;
  • extra-curricular activities and school meals;
  • undocumented work, social insurances and family allowances;
  • other issues.

Ms Amanda Schroeder, Ms Teresa Lourenço and Ms Camille Grandjean-Jornod are responsible for this consultation. The consultation is open on appointment only, please call 022 304 48 60 (no appointments via email).

Do you need help to obtain or renew a permit? Do you have questions about family reunification?

Our consultation on Residency and work permits welcomes anyone living in the canton of Geneva looking for information and guidance on obtaining and/or renewing a residency permit (except for asylum procedures), and on the procedures to follow.

The consultation can for example assist you and defend your rights in procedures such as:

  • obtaining or renewing a residency, work or study permit;
  • request family reunification;
  • keep your permit after a separation, e.g. due to domestic violence;
  • obtaining or renewing a permit with the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) for EU citizens and their family members;
  • regularization for undocumented migrants;
  • others.

Ms Eva Kiss and M. Mehmet Aras are responsible for this consultation and takes on cases on appointment only (by telephone at 022 304 48 60, never via email).

Have you suffered and illness or accident and can no longer work? Do you have questions about your rights, social insurances, your retirement, or disability insurance?

Our consultation on social insurances is for migrants living in Geneva who need assistance and support for issues related to social insurances in cases of disabilities due to an illness or accident. We specialize in cases of disability benefits claims.

This consultation can, for example, provide help and support for procedures such as:

  • disability benefits claims;
  • support for disabled persons;
  • requesting “prestations complémentaires” (PC);
  • recovering pension-related social security payments;
  • social security benefits in other countries;
  • others.

Ms Catherine Lack and Ms Sandra Garlejo are responsible for this consultation. They take on cases on appointment only (by telephone at 022 304 48 60, never via email).

Our consultations are available on appointment only. Please make an appointment by calling us at 022/304.48.60. We will not take appointments via email!

Please note that CCSI can not provide assistance for the following issues:

  • asylum procedures (you can try here);
  • looking for work in Geneva;
  • looking for accomodation or housing in Geneva;
  • school enrolement and heatlh insurance for children over the age of 12, i.e. children who are no longer in primary school (ask the social worker at your child’s school);
  • work related conflicts (contact a trade union).

In addition to providing individual assistance, CCSI also works on a more collective level to improve the situation of migrants in the mid to long term. With other organizations, CCSI is committed to ensuring that migrants’ rights are respected, and to promoting an open and fair society. Take a look at the other pages on this site to find out more about our work!

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