Health issues – where to go?

You have a health problem and need to see a doctor? You do not have health insurance and do not know where to go get help? CCSI can inform you and help you to deal with your child’s health procedures (aged 0 to 12). For adults (as of 16 years old), these two centres will see migrants regardless of their legal statuts, with or without health insurance.

  • CAMSCO (Consultation ambulatoire mobile de santé communautaire)
    4 Rue Hugo-de-Senger, 1205 Genève
    Tel: 022 372 53 11
    Emergencies (only during opening hours), general medicine, preventive medicine, gynecology, pregnancy, giving birth and post-partum care, psychological support and dental care (emergencies only).
    Walk-in nursing surgery (maximum 30 people).
  • Planning familial
    47 Boulevard de la Cluse, 1205 Genève
    Tel: 022 372 55 00
    Information and advice about sexual health, contraception, abortion, domestic difficulties.