Primary school, registration

Every child living in Geneva, regardless of legal status, has the right and the obligation to go to school. Every year, children who have reached the age of 4 by 31 July start school in August. If your child is already in Geneva and will be 4 years old before 31 July, registration for primary school takes place in February or March. If you haven’t received a letter from the Department of public education by mid-February, you should contact the school nearest to your home, or call the public school service at 022 327 0400 – they will tell you which school to go to for registration, and what documents you will need to bring. You will find more information on the following page:

If you have just arrived in Geneva with a child over 4 years of age, and you haven’t yet registered your child at school, please call the school nearest to your home, or contact us at CCSI.

To be accepted at school, your child must have health insurance. CCSI is in charge of affiliation for children without a residence permit. Make an appointment, and come with the official identification for the child and his/her legal guardian, as well as your address. Your child will be able to start school as soon as you have come to CCSI.

For children 12-15 years old, you will find the relevant information here: Elève non francophone |

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