Public transport – children

In Switzerland, public transport is free for children aged 0 to 6. Any child aged 6 to 16, with or without a residency permit, can buy a « carte Junior » (junior card) or a « carte Enfant accompagné » (accompanied child card) and travel for free on CFF trains and on TPG buses and trams if they are travelling with one adult who has purchased a ticket. Cards are availables at the train station. You will need to bring a valid ID that shows the child’s date of birth. The card costs 30.- CHF per child.

  • « Carte Junior« : children who are travelling with one of their parents who has purchased a ticket
  • « Carte Enfant accompagné« : children who are travelling an accompanying adult who has purchased a ticket

Caution: if the child has a « carte Junior » but is not with one of his/her parents or if he/she has a « carte Enfant accompagné » but is not with an accompanying adult with a purchased ticket, the child has to purchase a half-price ticket.