Your important documents

After your arrival in Switzerland, you recieve many official and important documents. Some of these documents can be very useful later on, for example when you need to prove how long you have resided in Switzerland, or if you have a conflict with a government service or a private company. Some documents can also prove that you are living in Switzerland, with or without a permit. It is important to keep the original documents (not just copies). We recommend that you also keep a copy (dated and signed) of the official letters you send. Document in PDF format here.

Here is a list of documents we recommend that you keep, in a plastic folder or binder:


  • your insurance policies
  • your subsidy certificate (attestations de subside)
  • medical documents (certificates, expert reports, analysis results, correspondance with doctors)


  • the letter saying that your child can start school (letter sent by the Public education department – DIP)
  • school attendance certificates (attestations de scolarisation) stating your child’s school years


  • your salary slips and certificates
  • tax certificates (bordereau d’impôt, yearly income certificate (attestation annuelle de revenus bruts), etc.)
  • your AVS card
  • your contract
  • anything that can prove that you have worked for an employer (private or corporate), such as a breakdown of hours worked, messages from your employer, etc.)


  • your lease or sub-lease contract


  • a copy of the « procuration » (if you have one) and of all the correspondance related to procedures you have undertaken. If you do not have copies, you have a right to request them from your legal representative
  • if possible, all of your receipts and payment certificates
  • all documents etablished by the civil status registrar (État civil, i.e. birth, death, marriage, divorce, separation, etc.)
  • any document proving that you live in Switzerland (such as: telephone bills, bus passes, bank account statements, proof of money transfers abroad,etc.)
  • your student card, library card, sports club membership card, etc.

Do not worry if you don’t have all of these documents! And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask next time you visit CCSI.