Back to school allowance

Your child has received or will receive this document in the folder he or she brings home from school:


The “Back-to-school allowance” is an aid from the City of Geneva to help families buy what their children need for school (school supplies, clothes, school bag, etc.). It is delivered via a credit card worth CHF 130.- (primary-school children) or CHF 180.- (children attending cycle d’orientation), allowing you to buy school-related items in certain stores. 

For whom?

All children who live in the City of Geneva, with or without a permit, who go to school in the City of Geneva (primary school or highschool), and whose parents meet the income-related criteria

If you have a file at CCSI, you can ask for an appointment with us so that we can help you request the 2021 “Back-to-school allowance”. On the day of your appointment, please bring a copy of the 2021 health insurance subsidy, and your valid passports. 

If you would like more information on the “Back-to-school allowance”, as well as other benefits you could request, CCSI is organizing information sessions in several languages. Below are the dates for these sessions:

  • 16 June: Français
  • 23 June: Español
  • 30 June: Portugues
  • 14 July: English

Because of the current pandemic situation, we have not yet decided whether these sessions will take place in our offices or online (Zoom). You will receive an SMS text message with the information a week before the sessions.